Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Oh, I Forgot I had a Blog

Yes, well, what can I say? I'm old. I had forgotten about this and I had to follow a link from Teresa Stenson's blog to find the place. Oh dear. I am a failed blogger.

So why am I back? Well, obviously, I have something to sell!

I've put together an anthology of some of my published stuff. The book is called The Upside-Down Jesus and other stories. Here's a wee bit about it:

The Upside-Down Jesus and other stories is a collection of published and prize-winning short stories, flash fiction and micro-fiction giving voice to a variety of different characters.

A child struggles to overcome her fear of the upside-down Jesus, a man dons his ‘egg-stealing coat’ once a week, a teenager becomes obsessed with the colour purple, an old man keeps his wife closer than others would like, a psychiatrist considers the folly of his patients, and a little girl watches her neighbour slowly disappear.

Tracy Chevalier, judge of the 2010 Mslexia Short Story Competition, on “The Upside-Down Jesus”:

“ … a heartbreaker leavened by a gorgeous young Scottish narrator … the girl’s voice is beautifully sustained and so we feel we really know her by the end.”

Annemarie Neary, judge of the first quarter 2013 Flash 500 Competition, on “When No One Is Looking”:

“… close to perfect … expert writing – tight and rhythmical … deft evocation of the childish sense of impotence, of no one listening … excellent work.”

Purchasing info for anyone who wants to buy a book. Unfortunately, the postage is a bit of a bugger, but I don’t control the Post office (yet!) so there’s not a lot I can do about it – sorry.

To buy from Lulu costs £6.99 + p&p, follow this link:

To buy a signed copy direct from me costs £6.00 + p&p:

UK total cost = £7.30
Europe total cost = £9.50
USA total cost = £10.50 ($17.50 at current exchange rate)

The Post Office is putting up its prices on 1st April, so these prices are fairly accurate for the next week.

If you want to buy direct from me, drop me a pm with your address, I’ll give you the PayPal address, once the money is in the account, I’ll get your book sent out to you asap.

The book will be available from Amazon at £6.99 + p&p in a couple of weeks from now if you’d prefer to wait until then.

If you’re going to see me in person e.g. at Rio CafĂ© next Monday, at salsa, at zumba or because you live in my street, just let me know if you want a copy and I’ll bring it to wherever we’ll next meet – cost remains £6.00.

I'll be visiting some other bloggers in the next few weeks to chat about the book, so I'll try to remember my blog exists and keep you up to date on what's happening.

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